Interactive CEED (Central Eastern European & Diasporic) Feminisms Bibliography

Published by Cell Project Space, May 2024 and edited by The CEED (Central Eastern European & Diasporic) Feminisms Working Group; Bogdana Ababii, Holly Antrum, Laura Bivolaru, Diana Damian, Lina Dz̆uverović, Sabrina Fuller, Vanessa Giorgo, Markéta Hašková, Jessie Krish, Marta Marsicka, Adomas Narkevičius, Maja Ngom, Helena Reckitt, Marta Zboralska, and others who wish to remain uncredited.
The CEED Feminisms Bibliography distils conversations and references offered by the CEED Feminisms research network, comprising over 40 practitioners based in and beyond the UK, who participated in a British Art Network supported programme after joining the project through an open call in May 2023. Mapping CEED Feminisms for English readers, the bibliography highlights CEE feminist artists and writers who are under-acknowledged in Anglo-American feminist discourses, expanding upon the concerns of the CEED Feminisms event programme and adjacent conversations. Read below about the CEED Feminisms programme launched May 2023.
CEED Feminisms 4: SKAM, or the Albanian Lesson
The Invisible Women Of Erste Campus | 24-Hour Online Screening
Sanja Iveković
CEED Feminisms 3: Labour, diasporic experience and 'East' to 'West' migration
With Lina Džuverović, Sanja Iveković, Tanja Ostojić, Darija Radaković and Selma Selman