Ryan Mosley

Hiding behind grotesque masks and black-hatted portraits of gentlemen the disfigurement of Ryan Mosley's figures appear to have succumb to the sophisticated pipe smoke wafting throughout his hallucinatory scenarios. Utilising the tinted hues of 'Ensor'and 'Klimt' his works characterises the gentle light of early nineteenth century parlours whilst his figures grotesquely contort and perform for our entertainment neither macabre nor comedic they hover somewhere between 'the interpretation of dreams' and the harsh reality of a Victorian curiosity. Mosley's masked figures have been described as endeavouring to show the multiple aspects of the subject by literally including them all in the same head. He posits a hyper-figurative psycho-cubism, a new way of picturing the complexity that lies at the heart of the human psyche.

Ryan Mosley graduated from the RCA Painting School in 2007. Group exhibitions in 2008 include Summer School, Ibid, Cory Michael Projects, and Wassail, Cell Project Space. He has had a solo exhibition 'Census' at Engholm  Engelhorn, Vienna. and is scheduled for inclusion in 'Newspeak' at The Saatchi Gallery in 2009.