In September 2011 Cell Project Space will launch a new series of five individual solo commissioned projects, CYcLORAMA which will continue into 2012. Supported by The Arts Council of England, the programme aims to challenge the gallery’s position at a pivotel period of an artist’s career making the shift to assisting artists’ projects become a reality. The project will establish the gallery as an exploratory space to develop knowledge that can be used in the future. A CYcLORAMA made for the theatre is a device that represents a physical interpretation of space as a 360 degree view of the sky with the viewer at the centre of its expanse. The project takes the  aspirations of the theatrical device as a subject for ideas and working methods.

All five projects within CYcLORAMA dramatise the moving-image event to give viewers an active role in which they can construct their own experience and become aware of the elements that have contributed to it. The programme acknowledges the expanded cinema practices of the 1970’s movement, Filmaktion where artists began to explore the potential of presenting moving image breaking down the ‘fourth wall’ convention of cinematic experience by experimenting with the material qualities of film to create immersive and more expansive events. The most axiomatic characteristic of this movement is that artists did not utilise film as a tool to record a narrative but instead explored the formalistic qualities of both the material nature of the medium of film and the various phases of the production process. The evolution of the notion of expanded cinema has been affected not just by the developments in visual art discourse but also through the actual advancements in the equipment available. The transformative speed of technology has affected not just the resources artists can call upon but also the modes of distribution and display and the way the work is consumed. Moving image can be presented in a multitude of modes with the potential to become a more saturated, confrontational or passive experience for the viewer. The work in this unique series will adopt event-based performative practices to varying degrees additionally expanding usual conventions of the moving image production and presentation by incorporating sculpture, installation, cyberspace, and in some cases collaboration to present a mediated and changed point of view. Through multiple types of sensory elements and devices, spectators are forced to think about how they become implicated and destabilised.

Adjunct to the CYcLORAMA project, Cell will host a series of supportive events, under the guise of THE CYcLE CLUB, which will draw together artists, film-makers, researchers, and other interested groups to collectively explore and compare recent and past expanded moving image projects. The programme starts with a solo exhibition by JESSICA WARBOYS, VICTORY PARK TREE PAINTING which opens 15th September 2011 and LAURA BUCKLEY's SOLO PROJECT opens 12th January 2012, continuing until 26th February, 2012.

THE CYcLE CLUB hosts a short event with gallery intervention by RICHARD BEVAN in November 4th 2011.

supported by The Arts Council Of England