Sliding Action, 'Holes'

Emma Hart

Performance by Emma Hart for one night only


Opens Friday 26th June 2009 7.00pm
Performance starts at 8.00pm

As part of a continuing dialogue within 'Look! No Hands' Hart gives a performative lecture on the topic of 'Holes' and sets out to penetrate layers of mediation whilst providing a dazzling experience of tangible and intangible absences. Hart playfully presents us with the obscurity of an impossible thematic with slide projectors and screen, testing our perception of the dimensional qualities of the flat surface and the projected image.

Artist Emma Hart's highly investigative practice deploys innovative processes with moving and still image, often relying on unpredictable outcomes occurring through a set of tight and loosely woven set of actions. As a result she questions our conventional understanding of recording devices. The camera and projector are rejected as passive apparatus within the process and play an active role as a performative catalyst within the work.

Emma Hart is London-based and works with live art and video. She has exhibited and performed work internationally, recently at 'Late at the Tate' Tate Britain and has collaborated with Benedict Drew for 'The Lux' and 'Nought To Sixty' programme at ICA in 2008. In 2007 she took part in the 'Seat less Cinema' Programme at 'The Rotterdam Film Festival' and 'Kill Your Timid Notion' at Dundee Contemporary Arts. From June 2008 - April 2009 Hart was artist in residence for Camden Arts Centre as part of the 'Transitions' programme, which culminated in a solo exhibition in the Artists' studio.