CEED Feminisms 5: Bibliography

Lauched at Biblioteka Wednesday 15 May,
1 Montague St (Architectural Association),
London WC1B 5BP
CEED Feminisms Bibliography ISBN: 978-1-9162154-3-6, 
Designer Alessia Arcuri. 
A2 Full colour, folded to 210mm x 198mm, Munken 80gsm
Edition 200
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The CEED (Central Eastern European and Diasporic) Feminisms Bibliography distils conversations and references offered by the CEED Feminisms research network, comprising over 40 practitioners based in and beyond the UK, who participated in a British Art Network supported programme after joining the project through an open call in May 2023. Mapping CEED Feminisms for English readers, the bibliography highlights CEE feminist artists and writers who are under-acknowledged in Anglo-American feminist discourses, expanding upon the concerns of the CEED Feminisms event programme and adjacent conversations. Read more about CEED Feminisms here
Embracing wom*n-led practices and organising before and under state socialisms, as well as academic and non-academic feminisms from the 'region' emerging after independence, the bibliography sketches a constellation of urgent and ongoing feminist and decolonial conversations that decentre Western feminism. Its sprawling form and content questions the scope of 'CEED Feminisms', problematising 'Central Eastern Europe' as a container for enormous cultural diversity and contextualising feminist discourses bound to post/state socialism, anti/imperialism and de/colonialism.
Aiming to share and pass on the CEED Feminisms research network's conversations, the impetus for the bibliography responds to an asymmetry in the translation and circulation of feminist writing coming from Central Eastern Europe, or by writers in the diaspora, with many more feminist texts travelling West to East historically. Copies will be distributed to a number of libraries across the UK and in Central Eastern Europe. 
The CEED Feminisms Bibliography launch event took place on Wednesday 15th May at Biblioteka, a reference library originally from Kyiv located on the ground floor of the Architectural Association. Free copies of the printed bibliography were distributed and the essay 'The Role You Made Me Play: About Unobvious Difficulties of Studying Eastern European Art' (2022) by Ukrainian curator and scholar Asia Tsisar was read out loud by participants of the event. Tsisar's thought provoking text opened a conversation about the stakes of representing 'Central Eastern European' art and feminist practice that was continued informally with drinks.
Curator Jessie Krish, with Adomas Narkevičius, Helena Reckitt and Sabrina Fuller.
Biblioteka is a reference library with a variety of rare and special collections of books, zines and other printed materials within the fields of art, architecture and design. 

The CEED Feminisms Working Group is Bogdana Ababii, Holly Antrum, Laura Bivolaru, Diana Damian, Lina Dz̆uverović, Sabrina Fuller, Vanessa Giorgo, Markéta Hašková, Jessie Krish, Marta Marsicka, Adomas Narkevičius, Maja Ngom, Helena Reckitt, Marta Zboralska, and others who wish to remain uncredited. 
Feminist Duration Reading Group (FDRG) established in 2015, is a gathering focused on feminisms outside the dominant Anglo-American canon. It juxtaposes earlier moments of radical feminist thought, art, and collective practice with current urgencies. The group has developed a practice of reading out loud, together, one paragraph at a time, with the aim of creating a sense of connection and intimacy during meetings.
CEED Feminisms is a Research Group of the British Art Network (BAN). BAN is a Subject Specialist Network supported by Tate and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, with additional public funding provided by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. CEED Feminisms is additionally supported by Cockayne Foundation.British Art Network logo