Lars TCF Holdhus & Victor Robyn

Lars TCF Holdhus is a Norwegian born artist and musician who deals with language, codes, signs and signifiers. Influenced by genetic code, cryptography and complex systems of encryption, his approach to his practice and art-making in general is not in communication but an in-depth investigation that strives towards a goal of making it's own system - often one that is self-referential, or an inversion of signs and signifiers that fold back in on themselves.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Inflected Objects #1 Abstraction, Swiss Institute, Milan, EBM(T), Listening Room and Shattered Preface, OSL Contemporary, Oslo. Holdhus' works reflect a strong sense of rhythm, seriality and melody, as well as a deep immersion in technology. In his recent works, Holdhus has been addressing tendencies in machine learning, AI and human interaction. He is also a producer of electronic music and is releasing music under the moniker TCF with a release out on Liberation Technologies and Ekster. His forthcoming records will come out on YYAA Tapes and PAN, both based in Berlin.