Jonathan Baldock

Artist Jonathan Baldock makes theatrical and darkly humorous sculptural busts, which are often influenced by traditions of folklore and ritual. At times sinister and unattractive, and often socially scathing, Baldock’s heads look at the nature of beauty and celebrity memorialising his fictional deities with elaborate hair styles and costumes. Choosing sour dough for his modeling material he mocks the more established classical ideals of portraiture and takes on neglected notions associated with fantasy and myth. 

Jonathan Baldock graduated from the RCA in 2005. In his graduation year he was selected for SVO5 at Studio Voltaire. Since then he has exhibited at Cell Project Space in ‘Wassail’2007 and ‘The Brotherhood of Subterranean’ selected by Ben Judd for ‘Kunstbunker’,Nuremberg. Baldock has been selected for ‘Newspeak British Art Now’ at the Saatchi Gallery, London to be scheduled for 2009. Baldock lives and works in London.