Jimmy Conway-Dyer

Previously Jimmy Conway-Dyer built his sculptural works using panels of freestanding fabric & ribbon by utilizing elaborately constructed frameworks. Construction was at the heart of this work with a celebratory enjoyment of form, without weight or solidity. For his new body of work, Conway-Dyer's use of fabric continues, although narrative has now seeped into the choice of material and its construction. Heavily influenced by the make-do culture of the village vernacular, and appropriating the fabric of the domestic and the every-day his sculptures suggest a more ritualistic function representing the traditional and ironic mixture of festivity and folklore.

Jimmy Conway-Dyer has been living and working in London since 1992. Conway-Dyer has regularly exhibited in London and Krakow, Poland. More recently his success has been in the USA. In 2006 he took part in 'Ebb & Flow' with artists Mike Stubbs and Phyllida Barlow at 'Raid Projects, and in the exhibition 'but not as we know it' at Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles in 2004.