Ezra Green and Martin Hansen

Ezra Green was born in New York and lives in Berlin. As a Place poet, he believes that greater than his own mind is the mind of any place, deeper than his own integrity is the integrity of the world's contours, and truer than the poem that he owns is the poem that he must go to find. He collaborates with people from many fields including most recently the choreographers Martin Hansen and Maria Francesca Scaroni, the musician Mikey Woodbridge and the painter Mollie Hosmer-Dillard; he is a MacDowell fellow and a member of the board at Joon Multidisciplinary Incubator. He is currently working on an album of his poems entitled Book of Threads.
Martin Hansen is an Australian choreographer and dancer. He choreographs bodies, texts, sounds and other material oftentimes as inquiry into economies of time. Martin is based in Berlin and works internationally as a dancer and choreographer – his works have been presented in Europe, Australia and Asia.