Christian Tonner & Aurelia Guo

Aurelia Guo (b. Harbin, China) is a writer, editor and PhD candidate in Law at City, University of London. She is the author of 'NYT' (Gauss PDF, forthcoming), '2016' (After Hours Ltd) and 'HOME INTRUDER EDITION' ( Her work has also appeared in How to Sleep Faster (UK), Imperial Matters (US) and The Fanzine (US). 
Christian Tonner (b. Detmold, Germany) is an artist currently living and working in London. He is founder of TI OD TSUJ, a live-stream, open conversation series taking place in various locations across London. A forum for conversation and conservation, TI OD TSUJ invites special guests to host discussions which are live streamed to a wider audience. Previous conversations and guests include ‘Don’t expect xxx to tell you what to do’ by Katrin Einert, researcher and Professor of Psychology; ‘Under the pavement, a beach, under the beach a super basement’ by Will Kherbek, art critic and writer and ‘We know who you are and we know want you want’ by Jack Clarke, designer, educator and publisher.