Andy Jackson

In 2008 Andy Jackson made a series of isometric paintings called ‘Unit Painting’. These are paintings of cubes, which have the surface flatness of minimalist painters, such as Lewitt and Mangold, where colour recedes and proceeds in a three-dimensional way. Since then Jackson’s process has become a logarithm of this approach with a multiple of investigative and deconstructed broken planes and geometric forms. The frequent use of open, modular structure originates from the cube and plays an important part in the compositional range that he deploys. Jackson appears to have no interest in inherent narrative or descriptive imagery however more recent works reveal cracked paving stones. Traced from their source these cracks are created using a layered process of transfer and paint application, which deliberately mimics a rock-like surface subverting the non-representational modernist monochrome. This masonry finish is masked by Washed out Californian candy colours and heightened against darker bamboo shaped stripes to resemble the modernist era of 50s decorative design.

Andy Jackson's recent exhibitions in 2010 include ‘Dark Matter’, The Sunday Painter, London, and ‘Painting Over’, Studio 1.1, London, The Wassaic Project, New York. Forthcoming exhibitions include 'mail please' at Blyth Gllery, Imperial College, London and 'Escalate Entropy', at The Usher Gallery, Lincoln.