brave and pathetic sweats

Josefin Arnell | Max Göran


brave and pathetic sweats, 2023
Josefin Arnell and Max Göran
Hand dyed and drawn using textile paint and crayons onto sweatshirts (90% cotton)
Edition of 10
£30 (+ all you can give)
All proceeds donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians

Marking the opening of their first UK two-person exhibition, brave and pathetic is better than drowning in shame, Josefin Arnell and Max Göran's brave and pathetic sweats, emblazoned with the exhibition title, reference the motto devised by Arnell and Göran in 2014 for their long-standing collaborative performance work under the alias of ‘HellFun’. Roughly applied with spray paint and scribbly hand-drawn lines, the phrase is transfigured as it exits the artists' private language to circulate in public: as a slogan tee, a dare, a mantra, and a prompt to take action. All funds raised through sales of the edition were donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.