Tod Hanson

Jerwood Artists Platform


Tod Hanson's first solo London exhibition, as part of Jerwood Artists Platform's unique collaboration with Cell Project Space, presents a significant body of new and recent work.The selectors for the 2006-2008 exhibitions were Sacha Craddock, Sorcha Dallas, Sheena Etches, Milika Muritu, Richard Priestley and Roanne Dods.

Tod Hanson presents a new site responsive installation. 

At Cell Project Space, Hanson will continue his characteristic manipulation of architectural space, decoration and the language of interior design to explore the rush of an over-amplified globalised environment - its war, celebration and delirium. Once in the white gallery space visitors are enticed to walk over the threshold into an Alice in Wonderland riot of line and form. Hanson creates a 360 degree painted and taped world where floor, walls and ceiling become one through the meticulous graphic accentuation of every plane, every join, every architectural detail.

From the centre of the gallery a frenzy of what at first sight appear to be party streamers festoon the walls drawing the viewer into a bright golden back space. Here the streamers morph from torn rags through ticker tape and bandages into cut straw and rays of sunshine. Enveloping the viewer in a comic book world, Hanson constantly plays with their visual expectations through his bold graphic style and ability to create changes in atmosphere through colour and altered vistas.

Advance copies of a full colour catalogue with an essay by Jessica Lack are available on request.