Sarah Baker | Sam Basu | Luke Dowd | Sean Dawson | Saron Hughes | Steve Setford | Ian Monroe | DJ Simpson | Chris Jones | Peter Liversidge | Dylan Shipton | Stewart Gough

Curated by Richard Priestley

'After Party with Live Bands featuring ' BLANKET', 'COMANECHI',& 'ARTHUR BRICK'

Slider is an additional off-site project utilising a factory building in Hackney Wick, which will be gradually converted into workspace for visual artists. The exhibition will take place over a 5000 square foot section of the building, already divided into nine large spaces which have pristine white walls, but old factory floors and ceiling which create a striking contrast between the old and the new, metaphorical of the buildings conversion from manufacturing to artists' workspace.

A Slider is common phrase used by experienced mountaineers, back-country snowboarders, skiers and ice-climbers, for an avalanche which describes the dramatic, large scale works and installations presented inside the exhibition. The building, now on the border of an area earmarked for radical development for the London 2012 Olympics, is now a direct hit for encroaching development and a reminder of the inevitable transcience and fragility of artists' studio provision in the 10 years to come. 


Luke Dowd, Slider, 2006, Wallis Road, Cell Project Space
Luke Dowd, Slider, 2006, Wallis Road, Cell Project Space

image: Luke Dowd, Untitled , 2006