Permit to Dream: Sight Method

Our Naked Truths, Life Drawing Workshop with Yaa Yeboah-Newton

Thursday 6 June, 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Life Drawing and Conversation Session led by Yaa Yeboah-Newton
Permit to Dream: Sight Method is prompted by the question of urgent dreaming, and inspired by Coumba Samba’s Capital solo exhibition. Led by Yaa Yeboah-Newton, the workshop invited women and non-binary people of colour to take part in drawing and conversation as a continuation of her ongoing Our Naked Truths project. 
British-born Ghanaian creative healing practitioner and trainee integrative psychotherapist Yeboah-Newton guided participants to draw a live model posed against a landscaped earth mound. The participants gathered after hours within the exhibition space to render loose, charcoal drawings of a dancer positioned on top of the remnants of Samba’s FIFA; now dry soil gathered in a mound on the floor. The dancer’s movements and physical positioning traced the memory of École Des Sables’ choreography. Documentation of these re-imagined movements now exist as drawings. 
Yaa Yeboah-Newton (Yaa Sankofa, she/her) is a British-born Ghanaian woman navigating the diaspora. Yeboah-Newton works as a Founder of Our Naked Truths and the Black Women’s Therapy Fund, Space Holder and Facilitator, Creative Healing Practitioner, and Trainee Integrative Psychotherapist. Her practice is a creative, embodied, intersectional, facilitative approach. Empowering people to have an honest, reflective, healing and celebratory exploration of self-acceptance, identity, forgiveness, freedom, and love.
Using sound, art, meditation, discussion, writing and body wisdom as tools. Yeboah-Newton has facilitated groups and 1-2-1 sessions with Family Tree and ...cake theatre cast and production teams, Black Girl Fest,  gal-dem, Soho House, Ogilvy Roots, Exist Loudly, The South Bank and Festival Republik - Kenya to name a few. She is the lead facilitator for all Our Naked Truths sessions. She founded Our Naked Truths to create a safe space for empowerment, healing and reclamation. Centering the stories and bodies of women and non-binary people in the name of self-acceptance. A mission that is very dear to her heart and a realised purpose.
Permit to Dream is generously supported by Tower Hamlets Community Fund, Cell Project Space Trainee Fellows are supported by Art Fund.