Hollis & Money at the ICA

presented by Ghislaine Leung

Wednesday 22nd February starts 6.45pm | Cinema 1
An evening of video and readings featuring works by Kathy Acker, Rosa Aiello, Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda, Loretta Fahrenholz, Julia Heyward, John Knight, Jesper List Thomsen, Ghislaine Leung,  Claudia Rankine, Stephen G. Rhodes and Meredith Monk. Presented by Ghislaine Leung in conjunction with The Moves.
  • Ghislaine Leung, Hollis and Money, 2017, spoken word (live), 5 min
  • John Knight, MacGuffin 8-2975, 1975, 16mm film transferred to digital video, b&w, no sound,  9 min 37 sec. Courtesy Greene Naftali and Cabinet
  • Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda, Loretta Fahrenholz, The Sixth Year, Episode 2, 2013, Digital video, colour, sound, 8 min 7 sec. Courtesy the artists and Cabinet
  • Kathy Acker, Raw Heat, 1977, spoken word, 4 min and 30 sec. Courtesy Western Front Archive
  • Jesper List Thomsen, #L O V E O F G O D, 2015, spoken word (live), 7 min. Courtesy of the Artist
  • Stephen G. Rhodes, Responsible Cats (with Keston Sutherland), 2016, Digital video, colour, sound, 3 min 50 sec. Courtesy of the Artist
  • Claudia Rankine, From Citizen, 2015, spoken word, excerpt 4 min and 30 sec
  • Rosa Aiello, A River In It, 2015, Digital video, colour, stereo sound, 9 min and 48 sec. Courtesy of the Artist. Voice by Olga Pedan
  • Julia Heyward, Shake Daddy Shake, 1976, Black and white 16 mm film transferred to digital video, stereo sound, 5 min 22 sec. Courtesy of the Artist and EAI
  • Meredith Monk, Last Song, 2008, sound, 7 min and 16 sec

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