Have A Go Heroes

Dave Carbone | Richard Hughes | Mat Humphrey | Inventory | Oliver Michaels | Mark Pearson | Richard Priestley

Curated by Richard Priestley

The works of the artists made for 'have a go heroes' represent notions of arrogance in the face of futility, which is driven by pride, passion, machismo and ignorance to arrive at a conclusion whose end product is worse than it's constituent parts.


Richard Hughes, Dad's Bag Of Rag's, 2003
Richard Hughes, Dad's Bag Of Rag's, 2003

The works deal with issues of misplaced loyalty and egocentricism, but also head off towards various dialogues thrown up by the diverse artists involved, such as covert political terrorism, re-appropriation of ready-made objects and materials, megalomania, 'Wombling' and recycling. 

Hughes, offers up the fumbled conundrums of the addled brain of a crack-house inhabitant. Sense from non-sense. Inventory, and to some extent, Pearson, narrates covert, subversive, activist behaviour, but apply it to pointless manifesto's, thus ridiculing the devotee. Michaels leads us through the attick-born imagination of the lonely hobbyist. Humphries offers us a more sinister glimpse inside the mind of a plotting suicidee.