Franko B | Keith Coventry | Lee Maelzer | Daniel Jackson | Jamie Robinson



The smell of bleach! It definitely subdues. It knocks out all senses. Boring and mundane, this intoxicating killer stands innocently on the kitchen shelf. Focusing on the hidden, the contradictions and the often twisted and screwed up world of the private place, the artists in this show explore a love, fear and acute observation of the places they inhabit and for some, theirs may appear to be a twisted domesticity. 

'Domesto . city' seeks to bring five individual and unconnected London-based artists each working in disparate and opposing disciplines and who represent a conflicting range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. This presentation of new works is based on the nature and contradictions of domesticity in contemporary society and all that it may entail. Theirs is a critical observation of the often not quite so simple act of day-to-day living where one person's domestic idyll maybe another's personal hell. Each artist in the show seeks individual ways to explore their own interiority. 

Lee Maelzer, 2004
Lee Maelzer, 2004