Capital: One-day Talks & Discussions Programme

Hosted by Infinite Fxx & Galerina

Saturday 4 May 2-4pm 
One-day Talks and Discussions Programme
Organised together with Infinite Fxx and Galerina

Moderated by Cõvco

for Coumba Samba’s solo exhibition Capital
Panelists: Funmi Adewole, Maryane Mwaniki, Nusra Nijimbere and Yeshimabeit 'Yeshi' Milner
The one-day public programme event for Capital by Coumba Samba will take place on 4 May, 2024, 2pm onwards at Cell Project Space. The day will consist of a panel discussion revolving around the circulation of materials, archive, movements, performance, and ideologies versed from Sub-Saharan Africa. All the participants have been invited to prepare a short presentation on their own work and practice. The day will be moderated by Cǒvco, artist and founder of Infinite Fxx. Each presentation will be followed by an open discussion between all the panelists with a short Q&A, inviting the audience to join in.
Funmi Adewole
Nigerian and London based dance practitioner, dramaturge, writer and Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, Leicester. She is the One Dance UK 2019 recipient for the Lifetime Achievement Award for Dance of the African Diaspora.
Maryane Mwaniki
Congolese London based Human Resources expert, specialising in Organisational Behaviour and Leadership Development. Maryane provides coaching and consulting to a broad range of organisations from charities and SMEs to large global firms.
Nusra Nijimbere
British, Burundi London-based textile artist, and print designer, whose work exists between the themes of memory and diaspora. Her work reimagines what immersing oneself in African history looks like beyond colonialism.
Yeshimabeit "Yeshi" Milner
Yeshimabeit Milner is a technologist and activist and Founder of Data for Black Lives, a network of scientists and activists working to make data a tool for social change instead of a weapon of political oppression. Yeshimabeit is an Echoing Green Fellow, an Ashoka Fellow, is listed as a Forbes 30 under 30 and was awarded the New York Times Good Tech Award in 2021. She currently lives between New York City and Miami. 
London-based Congolese artist whose multidisciplinary language translates in the form of performance art, poetry, sound production and Visual art and is the founder of Infinite Fxx. She has performed at South London Gallery, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Camden Art Centre, London, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
Galerina is a non-commercial art gallery founded in 2022 by curators Mischa Lustin and Niina Ulfsak.
With thanks to Meli Ulkumen Ardila.
If you require assistance to access the building or have any additional access questions please contact Annabelle Mödlinger, Production Assistant: annabelle[at]cellprojects[dot]org.
Capital is generously supported by British Council Biennials Connect, Embassy of Estonia in London, Alvaro Barrington Studio, Patrick Collins and Arcadia Missa.