Shifty Show

Beatriz Olabarrieta


with supporting text by Ellen Mara De Wachter

Performance Thursday 24th 2014, 8pm
Special guest live 'voice overs' by; 
Sophie Cundale, Patrick Goddard, Kati Kärki, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Eleanor Vonne Brown and featuring cosmic socks by Marie D'Elbée.

Beatriz Olabarrieta has occupied the gallery for one month to develop a presentation of new sculpture and video. These works are concerned with the artist’s ongoing research into the inherent potential of construction materials through undoing some of the roles and functions that have been imposed on them. Working directly with material inside the gallery space has opened up the possibility of generating a new language, perhaps closer to the intrinsic voice of the materials at hand. Expanding on this she has developed a script and performance. During the course of events Olabarrieta invited Ellen Mara De Wachter to write a supporting text, 'Shifting thoughts on stringy forms', which will accompany the exhibition.

Shifty Show Prezi

The final stage of Beatriz Olabarrieta’s event is accompanied by a Shifty Show Prezi, a cloud-based drawing telling the story of the artists’ exploration and her intentions for the performative event. 

Click here to download the text Shifting thoughts on stringy forms by Ellen Mara De Wachter

Beatriz Olabarrieta lives and works in London, solo exhibitions include a solo presentation at Parallel, Oaxaca, Mexico (forthcoming), 'PANDORA', (two person show) at Casado Santapau Gallery, Madrid, Spain, a solo presentation at ARCO, Madrid, Spain in 2013, 'Scene 10 What happens when all characters leave the stage', Form Content, London, UK, 2012, 'It's moving from I to it', Liverpool Biennal at The Royal Standard, UK, 2012,  'Motor Motor', Praxis Programme, Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 2012, Beatriz Olabarrieta, MOT International, Brussels, Belgium, 2012. Group exhibitions include: Have To Hand, By My Hand, Oh Handyman, FLOOD, Dublin, Ireland, 2014, 'X- Operative', Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2013, 'One-Off. Slam', Jerwood Space, London, UK, 2013, 'The Fresh Air Collection', Space, London, UK, 2013, 'Young London' 2013, 'V22 Collection', London, UK, 2013, 'Jerwood Drawing Prize', 2013, JVA at Jerwood Space, London, 2013, 'Perdiendo los papeles', Adora Calvo Galería, Salamanca, Spain, 2013, 'Landmark Seizures', Aid & Abet, Cambridge, UK, 2013

Beatriz Olabarrieta