Temporary Tattoos

Anastasia Sosunova

Artist Edition

Anastasia Sosunova Temporary Tattoo, Cell Project Space 2023

Each Edition (A5 sheet) is £15 including UK & International postage

Temporary tattoo editions by artist Anastasia Sosunova feature a collection of tattoos for 'Eastern' European Anti-Colonial Solidarity Fundraiser hosted by Cell in 2023, in an effort to support queer people affected by Russia's war in Ukraine.

Along with performances by spalarnia and Liudmila, drag and poetry readings by Taras Gembik, T & Vlad(a) Vazheyevskyy, Sosunova has donated her illustrated edition for sale, with all proceeeds going to NGO Insight, providing psychological and legal support; medicines, hormones and food; relocation and safe houses for permanent stay to LGBTQIA+ people during the war in Ukraine.



Anastasia Sosunova temp tattoo

Limited Edition of 40 - water soluble tatoo selection by artist, Anastasia Sosunova, 2023