with Globe Primary School and Mowlem Primary School

Artist, Rachael Davies is working closely with teachers and currently developing Cell’s new educational programme to devise exhibition-based workshops with local schools and colleges. The project is a cross-curricular arts programme engaging with local schools to provide an enriching part of the school curriculum and to support individual development. Cell collaborates with two schools in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets inviting several classes from Globe and Mowlem Primary to make a site visit to Aude Pariset’s ‘GREENHOUSES’ exhibition. Led by Davies, the pupils were encouraged to explore ideas about science and conservation whilst focusing on ecological sustainability. They engaged directly with Pariset’s live mealworms and learnt about the new scientific research surrounding mealworms to think about the potential of this new discovery.
The workshops were aimed to reflect on the implications of the research and how it can benefit the environment and help deal with problems surrounding Styrofoam waste as well as the broader issues of waste management and it’s effect on the environment. Pupils were shown how to make bio-plastic, inspired by Pariset’s bio-plastic wall work via a practical workshop in the gallery studio.
Co-ordinated by Rachael Davies

Photography George Nicolaides