Evan Ifekoya

with The Bridge Academy



For the fifth CYcLE CLUB event the 'after school club' pupils of Bridge Academy Secondary School will be led by artist Evan Ifekoya to view GLISS by artist Benedict Drew. Using Drew’s digital cloud as a starting point, pupils will explore how a familiar image can symbolize a much broader relationship with modern technology; from wifi hot spots and online storage services. Ifekoya will draw from their practice as a moving image maker and encourage pupils to identify the impact of mixing analogue and digital media in the exhibition and relate this to common and personal themes that might give relevantce to their independent viewing experience of moving image today.

CYcLE CLUB member, Evan Ifekoya graduated in New Media in 2010 at Winchester School of Art. Since then they have screened works at Richmix, and BFI, London. Later this year Ifekoya will participate in the ‘Emerging Artist Residency’ at the ‘Kingsgate Workshop Trust’ Born in Nigeria Ifekoya lives and works in London.