Asia-Art-Activism in Residence

Collective Mapping of Eco-System, AAA Zoom Luck Workshop, 28 Mar 2021, led by Bettina Fung and Youngsook Choi
AAA are hosting open days, inviting guests to drop by, eat snacks, co-work, and also to have a chat about their activities and the network.
During the summer at Cell Project Space, Asia-Art-Activism will share space, ideas and food, developing directions for future programming, and a new practice-led curriculum.
This summer, building upon work that started during the network's residency at Raven Row 2019-2021 and has continued online since, Asia-Art-Activism will host in-person meetings for its associates, sharing space and ideas to generate new directions for programming and developing the network. A second strand of Asia-Art-Activism's work will focus on developing a practice-led curriculum intended for resourcing Asian and diaspora minority practitioners on the strategies of collectivising. The curriculum-in-development emphasises collective methods and reconfiguring infrastructures of practice for a more holistic ecology. 
Asia-Art-Activism is an interdisciplinary, intergenerational network of artists, curators and academics investigating ‘Asia’, ‘art’ and ‘activism’ in the UK through a sustained and expansive approach to research, dialogue, and practice.
Expanding a conversation around ‘Asia’ as a contested paradigm as well as via the lived transnational narratives of its diasporas, migrant and resident communities, the network aims to attend to lesser known narratives of Asian artists and activists in the UK, and question Asian/Southeast Asian invisibility within institutional narratives of British art and politics through its multifaceted programme of exhibitions, public programming, social gatherings, and publications.
By examining discursive conditions for Asian artists and activists within a negotiation of decoloniality and solidarity with other protagonists of colour, Asia-Art-Activism aims to develop a greater understanding of alliances built with other artistic and civic movements. Underpinning this work is the belief that an intersectional and inclusive approach resists reductive cultural identity politics, and that spending time together is an opportunity to share different perspectives and methodologies, and also a political gathering of building resilience and joy.
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