Support System 2016 Carolyn Lazard

Carolyn Lazard

Support System is a durational work addressing the performance of convalescence, disabled sociality, collaborative art practice, and the transactional nature of emotional labour. ‘Support System (for Park, Tina, and Bob)’ (2016) which was performed by Lazard over the course of a day in a nearby residential location, from 9 am to 6 pm. Members of the public were invited to sign up for a 30-minute slot for a one-on-one performance with the artist, who spent the day in bed. The cost of admission was one bouquet of flowers. 
image: Support System (for Park, Tina, and Bob), 2016
24 gifted bouquets, documentation of performance and collectively-produced sculpture, dimensions variable
[An installation shot of several bouquets sitting in glass jars on a wooden table. Behind them, a blank white wall flanked by inset bookshelves lined with books and other personal ephemera]