Sam Basu

French artist Sam Basu's other worldly sculptures consider craft, design and architecture as worthy of revolution. Inhabiting a factory complex in a remote part of central France, he works in isolation and reshapes disused industrial buildings by hand. The artist has also conducted an independent research project at the Institute of Transmitted Architecture; "set up to monitor the spontaneous descriptions of dwelling and community that appear outside of the architectural world." Sam Basu lives and works in France.

Recent exhibitions include: BASUHAUS, Kate Macgarry (2007), World Gone Mad, Herbert Read Gallery (touring the UK)(2006), Blake and Sons, Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland. Lovely Crinkle Crankle, Camden Arts Centre (2005), Karlsruhe Institute of Transmitted Architecture Meyer Riegger 2 (2005), Lost Collection of the Invisible Man. Laing Gallery, Newcastle (2003).