Pablo Jones-Soler

In his work Pablo Jones-Soler is interested in the materiality and symbolism of aspiration and how this shows in artificial spaces and environments that are the result of gentrification, and comments on these notions using sculpture and digital media. Pablo Jones-Soler is based in London, in 2014 he graduated from Camberwell College of Art. His work has been included in the following selected exhibitions: ‘Quiet Kettel', Skylab Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, US, 2014, ‘Hydrogen Clip’, Millington Marriot, London, UK, 2014, ‘Polymyth x Miss information’, Auto Italia, London, UK, 2014, ‘Input/Output’, Sycamore Gallery Cincinnati, Ohio, US, 2014, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam, 2014, ‘DATA.MINE CONFLUX x O Fluxo', Never Land Gallery, online, 2014, ‘Perma', Gal, London, 2013, ‘Embedded’, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne, Australia, 2013