Oliver Rees

To mark OCR publishing The farce of unfulfilment (the fourth instalment from Canary Wharf's serialised memoir Architectural Father) Cell Project Space will host a book launch and reading with Oliver Rees, in conjunction with Step into Spring by Jenna Bliss & Gili Tal.
Architectural Fathers by Canary Wharf is an episodic series of illustrated memoirs written by Canary Wharf, who in the stories is the daughter of various men involved in the construction and evolution of the financial district Canary Wharf. Each episode occurs at a different point in time (past or future) and concerns a different father. In the books, Canary constructs idiosyncratic historical and political portraits of the men responsible for Canary Wharf that offer valuable insight into important moments for British business and politics, as well as heart wrenching accounts of a woman being patronised and alienated from those she thought of as family. For more information on all the books in the Canary Wharf series, as well as other books published by OCR visit www.ocr.fyi.
The farce of unfulfilment
Father 4 The Limehouse Link
16 September 1993
How does the first member of The British National Party to win a council seat in the Millwall by-election of September 1993, have anything to do with Canary Wharf? It doesn't, you'd probably think. If only things were that simple.
In this latest episode, Canary recounts a difficult period of her adolescence in which she sheds light on her Liberal Democrat foster carer's dark fixation that Derek Beackon -The British National Party candidate who won this marginal Tower Hamlets seat- is actually her biological father.
As if negotiating all the other problems that teenagers face on their journey to adulthood (from school bullies to puberty) weren't enough, Canary's guardian then goes and adds a dose of genealogical hysteria, and this mystifying thing called 'racism', into the mix. All of which drives Canary Wharf from Buckingham Palace to her wits end. But luckily for her, she doesn't have to travel this bleak and depressing road unprotected, as the Limehouse Link is on the way.
OCR is a self-publishing project which recently published 'Drones and Dresses', a novella, by artist James Whittingham, and also publishes an episodic series of fictional memoirs, - Architectural Fathers by Canary Wharf. For more info. visit www.ocr.fyi.