Matilda Tjäder

Matilda Tjäder works with text as material that is directed, performed, sounded and sculpted into varying forms of media. Observing the interval between the fictional and the real as source material, Tjäder often works in collaborative and conversational bodies as co-editor of the game-book project, The Key Cutters Seriesand co-founder of the artistic project Human Interference Task Force (HITF). Tjäder is currently based in London and was the curator of Minibar, Stockholm from 2014-2017.  
Recent and upcoming projects include LACA, Los Angeles (2019), Clearview ltd, London (2018), LUX, London (2018), Fotograf Festival, Prague (2017), 'Caderno Sesc_Videobrasil magazine',  São Paulo, Brasil (2017),  Jupiter Woods, London (2016), Index 19, Stockholm (2015), and HIAP, Helsinki (2015). Their debut novel 'Reprogramming Medusa' (working title) will be published in 2019.