Mark Titchner

Mark Titchner's art explores the tensions between the different belief systems that inform society, be they religious, scientific or political. Presenting conflicting ideologies and outmoded ideas without mockery or cynicism he allows the viewer to form their own conclusions. In so doing, his works questions both our blind faith in science and our obedience to authority.

Recent exhibitions include: The Eye Don't See Itself, Vilma Gold, London (2007), Vertigo: Marcel Duchamp and Mark Titchner, Chelsea Space, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (2007), A Poem about an Inland Sea 52nd Venice Biennale, Ukraine Pavillion (2007), Turner Prize, Tate Britain, London (2006), IT IS YOU, Arnolfini, Bristol (2006), Behold the Man, Waiting For the Man, Peres Projects, Los Angeles (2005), When We Build Let Us Think That We Build Forever, Vilma Gold project space, Berlin (2005). Mark Titchner lives and works in London.