Leslie Kulesh

Leslie Kulesh works across a range of media and was a founding member of the collaboration Auto Italia Live from 2010-12. Solo exhibitions include ‘It’s What’s Inside That Counts’ Et. Al. San Francisco, and ‘Glamourshotz”©®™’, Lima Zulu, London.  Her works were exhibited in ‘World Interiors’, Glasgow International 2016 and ‘Vanity Fair’ with Saemundur Thor Helgason, at Project Native Informant, 2015. Selected group projects include ‘CLUB CALIGULA’, Supplement London, ‘Know Thyself, Authenticity & Real? Bodies’ ICA London, and ‘Staying With the Trouble’ The Conch, South London Gallery; all in 2015 and ‘It’s Been Four Years Since 2010’, Preteen Gallery, London, in 2014.