Katie Cuddon

Katie Cuddon makes sculpture with visceral shimmering surface – the result of a modeling process where clay is built gradually creating heavily fingered skins. She celebrates the oddness of clay with limb-like structures becoming amorphous and openly abject as they perch on make-shift furniture or ambivently nestle around the edges of the room.

Katie Cuddon lives and works in Newcastle. Her solo exhibitions include 'Waiting For The Cue', Simon Oldfield Gallery, London, UK, 2011, 'Spanish Lobe', Ceramics Fellow, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK, 2011, 'I no longer know what the money is', Alma Enterprises Gallery, London, UK, 2010. Selected group exhibitions include 'The Stone of Folly', Downstairs, Hereford, UK, 2012, 'Studio Voltaire Members Show', London, UK, 2012, 'Friendship of the Peoples', Simon Oldfield Gallery, London, UK, 2011, 'Spazi Aperti', Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy, 2009.