Karin Ruggaber

London based artist Karin Ruggaber's wall based sculptures use unpredictable casting processes in combination with natural and artificial materials to create subtle variations in texture and colour tone. These complex collage-like constructions come from an interest in architectural facades where erosion and incongruity of surface can open up subtle formal relationships.

Recent exhibitions include: East International, Norwich Gallery (2007), From Hard to Soft: Art Now, Tate Britain (2006), mega-süper military style, greengrassi, London (2005), The Way We Work Now, Camden Arts Centre, London (2005), Present Future, greengrassi, Artissima 11, Turin, Italy (2004), US work and men's shirts, greengrassi, London (2003), René Daniëls and Karin Ruggaber, Bloomberg SPACE, London (2002)