Jonty Lees

Working in sculpture, video and installation, Jonty Lees’ series of sonic interventions have the lightness of touch, experimenting with the percussive noise of everyday objects and the familiar material of life. This effortless economy and complex nature of representation is at the heart of Lees work. Stemming from impatience and boredom sentiments associated with 90s rave culture there is always a playful and imaginative access route between each work and its audience. Lees is known for interfering with a space to create a concoction of unrest revisiting the gadgets and games of childhood memories or those poetic moments of daydreams.

Jonty Lees lives and works in Cornwall and has recently undertaken an Artist Residency progemme at Tate St Ives, culminating in a solo show with documented catalogue essays by Martin Clark and Michael Archer. In 2006 he had a solo exhibition at Moot, Nottingham and has recently been included in the Nought to Sixty programme at the ICA, London in a unique multi-layered event involving installation, performance and documentation organised by writer & curator Andrew Hunt.