Ian Brown

Ian Brown’s practice investigates advancements in technology and tests the progression and optimism associated with these developments against the problems of our everyday usage of them, taking into consideration the relationship between the invented world and the natural world. The work raises issues surrounding the automobile as a tool to access the wilderness but also one which is capable of destroying parts of it.

Ian Brown has had exhibitions in Iceland, Sweden, USA and throughout the UK. Brown is also part of the collaborative artist’s group, Common Culture, with David Campbell and Mark Durden. Common Culture have had recent shows at ‘Void’ in Derry, ‘The Photographers Gallery’, London and have shown work as part of the Liverpool European City of Culture events in ‘Variable Capital’ at the ‘Bluecoat Gallery’. They exhibited in the ‘6th Shanghai Biennial’ and were also selected by curator Hou Hanru to be part of EV+A, Limerick 08. Common Culture are represented by ‘Third Space Gallery’, Belfast