Francesca Nobilucci

Francesca Nobilucci experiments with text, video, performance, and embroidery and ultimately sound which have been chosen for their immateriality. Nobilucci’s concerns are embedded in a desire to dematerialise the art object. In recent works Nobilucci has eliminated the DIY aspect of the process and openly introduced the use of specialists/fabricators to produce the work where possible, in order to explore the concept of simulacrum. Her work extends ideas and notions of artificiality. The results are varied and in some cases there is an attempt to make the artwork either disappear or to transform it into a pseudo-functional object such as Ikea furniture and other times into the vernacular of the ready-made manufactured object.

Born in Italy, Nobilucci lives and works in Edinburgh, UK. In 2009 she had a solo exhibition Anthony Blunt Project, West Port, Edinburgh, UK. Group projects include Boneless box Embassy Gallery Edinburgh, UK 2009, and Something to answer for, Viensowski und Harbord Gallery, Berlin, Germany.