Eva Berendes

Eva Berendes' (b. 1974) works move on the boundary between two and three- dimensional objects, occupying real space but always remaining as a frieze or an image. In the exhibition she presents a folding screen that creates a barrier within the space. The choice of materials such as wood, wool, and their application refer to the domain of applied arts, alluding to ideas of entirety since the arts and crafts movement as of the counter culture of the 1960's and 70's. When moving around the 'art deco' inspired composition the woollen strings' moirée effect evokes a retinal shimmer known from Op Art. Yet, Berendes' interest is not limited to a particular historical movement but looking at the fluidity of abstract language throughout the 20th century. The second work in the show, a mirror on the wall, discreetly introduces colour in tiny patches of water coloured paper penetrating the immaculate surface as gem-like in-lays.

Eva Berendes studied at Akademie für Bildenden Künste, Munich, Hochschule der Künste, Berlin and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. In 2007 she has shown her work at Ancient & Modern and the Reliance in London. She has recently been included in the Daimler Collection and features in the accompanying catalogue 'Minimalism and After'.