Alice Khalilova

Eastern philosophy merges with digital flatness in the clean ergonomic hi-tec constructs of artist Alice Khalilova. Her use of amorphous form and streamline technology both imitate nature and celebrate the technology itself creating a synthesised infiltration of the physical world and the digital other. For Khalilova the computer is our friend and a mantra, as mouse mat becomes yoga mat and the technological assimilation provides comfort with a potential to replace previous objectified symbols of well being. 

Recently graduated from Chelsea College Of Art, Anglo-Russian artist Alice Khalilova lives and works in London.  Her work was recently been included in ‘The Limited Collection’, Arcadia Missa and La Scatola Gallery //Online, 2014, ‘$_Bash’, Eade Road, London, UK, 2014, ‘Translations. Cook House, London, UK 2014,  ’Stone House’, Haringey Arts Walk, London, UK, 2013, ’Fabric[ate]’, and  Acava Show Room,  London, UK, 2013, and ’SELFiNDULGENT666’, Online. Khalilova is shortlisted for MFI Flat Time House award, 2014