The Moves

Ghislaine Leung

Private View Wednesday 1st February 2017, 6-9pm
Cell Project Space presents a solo exhibition and event by London and Brussels based artist Ghislaine Leung. 
Ten large double pane glass panels are grouped in sets, held together and to the walls by extruded aluminium brackets. Sound fills the space, intermittently large and hollow, exclamations and sighs rounding and swelling notes eddy and fall to opened doors slammed shut. Medium pile grey green carpet covers the floor from wall to wall, soft underfoot. It exudes a faint smell of new carpet, of glue and synthetic dyed fibres. Each panel has a varying size of vinyl text pushed and glued onto the surface of the glass, dust against the smudges and streaks of touches, suction cups, chipped corners. Black words spell out half conversations, captions, dedications, titles, they are partial, glutted omissions and truncated emissions. Two numbers short of a number. From the ceiling hang nine filtered lights suspended on steel trays, above them covered skylights, beams. Below, at the far end of the room, inserted into the wall, curved off full flush is a white circular speaker, next to concealed cables that run along walls to power points filled with small mushroom shaped lights. Two entrances with two steps lead to the same room. Black rubber sections cover and lie seamed across the raised floor which steps sunken to its centre. One foam board model construction sits within this centre, lit and lowered, half scaled, many scaled, tiny images, tinny sounds on small screens repeating. The sound of slowed strings to the sea.
Curator Tim Steer
In conjunction with The Moves at Cell Project Space, Leung presented Hollis & Money, an evening of video and readings in collaboration with the ICA on Wednesday, 22nd February at 6:45pm.
Artist and writer Ghislaine Leung, lives and works in London and Brussels. Recent projects include '078746844' at WIELS, Brussels, 'Soft Open Shut' at Studio Voltaire, 'Le Bourgeois' at 3236rls, 'Re: Re:' at Montague, 'Brink' at CGP, London, 'Violent Incident', Vleeshal, Middelburg, 'Prosu(u)mer', EKKM, Tallinn, 'Performance Capture', Stedelijk, Amsterdam, 'A Bright Night' with Serpentine Galleries and LUX. Recent writings in 'LA.NL', Amsterdam and Pure Fiction's 'Dysfiction', Frankfurt. Leung is editor of Versuch Press and member of PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN. She was resident at Hospitalfield in Summer 2016 and has her collection of writing 'Partners' forthcoming in 2017.
Developed with the generous support of The Arts Council England, The Elephant Trust, Hospitalfield Summer Residency 2016 and WIELS, Brussels.