We Are The Human Network (smoke rare-earth petal) live screening

Harry Sanderson


Private View Thursday 15th January, 6–9pm 12-6pm

For one weekend only Cell Project Space will host an ongoing live screening of Harry Sanderson’s We Are The Human Network (smoke rare-earth-petal).  For the event the artist will present a 3 channel video which is interwoven with subject matter and material processes underpinning ‘καυστός’, a new series of "caustic light sculptures", which use software to form digital images from natural light. The installation uses sound as a sculptural element, with the projection screens amplified to function as speakers. The work is a continuation of his image production and transformative approach extending images into a haptic and spatial dimension, using collected and re-used images from previous works. Central to Sanderson’s interest is the repetition of image in differing contexts, formats, and layers of detail until the images themselves start to function as a language of their own. The work attempts to attain a level of intimacy with physical objects- zoomed in and magnified to explosive effect,  although disrupted by noise and abstraction. Extracting partial information from the subject and always remaining just outside the frame, intensifying layers of mediation and materiality to foreground the distancing effects of technological representation.

British artist Harry Sanderson (b.1987) graduated in 2013 from Central Saint Martins. Solo presentations of his work include 'Present Future', Arcadia Missa,  Artissima, Turin, Italy, 2014.  His work has been included in the following selected exhibitions:  'Migrating Origins', Temporary Arts Project, Southend-on-Sea, UK, 2014, 'Unified Fabric', Arcadia Missa, London, UK, 2013, 'Faraday Cage', with Yuri Pattison, SPACE, London, UK, 2012, 'Human Resolution', London, UK, 2012, 'YBT VII', Bold Tendencies, as part of PAMI, London, UK, 2012. He was included in the panel discussion 'Medium: Format', (with Hito Steyerl, Inke Arns, Huw Lemmy, Matthew Fuller), as part of Lunchbytes, ICA, London, United Kingdom, 2014.