Ruth Beale

Ruth Beale’s practice includes performance, drawing, video work and the collection and re-presentation of archive material. In Oh, Zero, One, Beale's works are informed by varying cultural expressions and the reordering of political and social ideas. In 2011 she presented the event series ‘Public Knowledge’ at Cubitt Gallery, the first in the new programme curated by Fiona Parry, and is part of ‘The Department of Overlooked Histories’ at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, in November. Her work takes on collaboration in themed discussions such as her ongoing ‘Miss B's Salons’, and didactic performance such as ‘Art for Virtue's Sake’ ICA, London (2010), a lecture on the historical relationship between education and 'culture as a social project' and ‘The Aesthetics of Power’ Form Content, London (2010), a play about fetishisation of fascist architecture. Ruth Beale was born in the UK. She lives and works in London.